Wabisabi Soba & Sushi Restaurant

Wabisabi Soba & Sushi Restaurant

Wabisabi Soba, Sushi, and Raw Foods just opened at 161 Hana Hwy in Paia, Maui. We have transformed the property into a sustainable Japanese dining experience specializing in Jyuwari Soba (100% Buckwheat and gluten-free). We also serve Sushi and Raw Foods, Robata grilled dishes, and Kyoto-centric YakuZen Ryori. View the current menu and Book your table on Open Table!

A Zen garden along with solar panels and water catchment systems completes the earth-friendly atmosphere.

Our Sushi Chef is Master Hiro Anekawa from Saga, Japan. The sushi counter is made out of a 200-year-old, 16 foot long, 6" thick Japanese cherry wood log which had been lying dormant for many years at a mill in Kyoto Prefecture. It is from Mount Daisen, Tottori, Japan.

The highly-prized Japanese Keyaki Wood, from the mountains of Kyoto, serves as a communal dining table for those who simply wish to slurp down a bowl of Jyuwari Soba, re-energize, and get back in the water for another session.

The indoor dining room was created in the traditional Japanese Sukiya Zukuri style utilizing clay, bamboo lathing, and all natural materials such as reused wood, refurbished products, and salvaged treasures.

We at Wabisabi Soba wish to share this Japanese cultural dining experience with the Maui Family and all those who come to behold and embrace our majestic and inspiring Island, Mother Maui. Aloha!